iTent Construction Technology for Victims of Nepal EQ 2015

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Today, I am going post the iTent that I designed (I want to clarify that I did not invent the wheel). The construction of basic tent as explained in this PDF file should not be a great deal as these can made by anyone. What is most important is to anchor it to the ground so that moderate to high wind does not take it way. Most of the tents fail because of wind and they are anchored only for handling disturbances, and minor winds.

I have recommended a simple method of anchoring the tent. It is almost the same method that we use to anchor large tv and radio transmission towers with cables. I used anchor plates instead of micropiles or nails or other expensive method. Please note that it does not require concreting or other long metal nails. It will work in clay as well as it creates a passive pressure on soil that means: Kp = 1/ Ka. It should be fine if we place these anchor plates at least 2 feet below grade. All the best.

Even though, I have written (C) GsP, 2015, any Nepali or natural disaster victims around the world may download it for their use without hesitation. There is no need of my prior approval. It is just to protect against someone in corporate world who might try to patent if s/he finds the anchoring mechanism a way of making money and restricting free use by public. You never know.

Please contact me for clarifications.

You may call me at 1-540-200-8247. It is a google voice and also phone that directly connects to my personal phone. Quality and connection are not different from regular cell phone.

Download the PDF File:

Sketch of the Proposed iTent
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